Season 4, Episode #
(#) in series (95 episodes)
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Richard Moll
John Larroquette
Network: ABC-TV
Production code:
Original airdate December 3, 1981
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P.S. 2001
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Alienation is a Mork and Mindy episode from season 4.


When Mork tells Mearth he's part alien, Mearth feels like such a freak that he runs away and joins the Utopians, a cult of religious fanatics.


  • Three years after this episode aired, John Larroquette and Richard Moll were both cast in the long-running hit sitcom Night Court.


  • Mork: Do I smell a salad burning?
  • Mearth: Daddy, could I borrow one of your new razor blades? The reason I ask ya, mine are all dull from trying to sharpen my crayons.

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Wendy Kout & George Zateslo
Directed by Don Barnhart


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