Season 4, Episode #9
(#82) in series (95 episodes)
Ep 4x9 - Ailenation - Mork and Mindy try to rescue Mearth from cult
Mork and Mindy try to rescue Mearth from cult called the Utopians, after he runs away when he learns that he's an ailen in "Ailenation" in Season 4 (ep.#9).
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Richard Moll
John Larroquette
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 409 (4x9)
Writer(s) Wendy Kout & George Zateslo
Director Don Barnhart
Original airdate December 3, 1981
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"Rich Mork, Poor Mork" "P.S. 2001"
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Alienation was episode from season 4 of Mork and Mindy, also the 82nd overall series episode. Co-written by Wendy Kout and George Zateslo, the episode, which was directed by Don Barnhart, premiered on ABC-TV on Decmber 3, 1981.


When Mork tells Mearth he's part alien, Mearth feels like such a freak that he runs away and joins the Utopians, a cult of religious fanatics.

Plot summaryEdit

Mindy brings unhappy Mearth home from a sledding outing and informs Mork that other kids were not allowed to toboggan with their son because their parents thought he was an adult. Mork and Mindy realize they must tell Mearth that he is half alien.

Even though Mork assures his son that eventually he will look like Earth children because he is aging backward and getting smaller, Mearth wants to go to Ork and runs away. After Mindy's father sees Mearth taken away by a group of black-robed Utopian cultists, Mindy remembers that the Utopians have a lodge in the mountains, led by Baba Hope (John Larroquette) and Baba Gentle (Richard Moll).

Mindy and Mork then charge to the rescue. Mork has to pose as 'Baba Loo' in order to fake out the entourage, while Mindy shows Mearth the importance of being yourself. At the episode's conclusion, both Mork and Mearth sign off with Orson.


  • Three years after this episode aired, John Larroquette and Richard Moll were both cast in the long-running NBC-TV hit sitcom series Night Court.


  • Mork: Do I smell a salad burning?
  • Mearth: Daddy, could I borrow one of your new razor blades? The reason I ask ya, mine are all dull from trying to sharpen my crayons.

  • Mindy: Oh, sweetheart, stop crying, it's all right!
  • Mearth: No! It isn't all right! It isn't! I don't have any friends, none at all. Nobody'll play with me! I feel just like George Steinbrenner.
  • Mearth:Daddy, could I... could I borrow one of your new razor blades? The reason I ask is, mine are all dull from trying to sharpen my crayons.
  • Mork: Oh, surely son.
  • Mearth: See, I want to get just real clean, so that I can play with the kids and they in turn will play with me. You know, solitaire is a game, but it's not a way of life.

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