Dr. Morkenstein
Dr Morkenstein Robin Williams Robbie the Robot

Episode # 2.5
Aired October 7, 1978
Guest starring Robby the Robot</br>Roddy McDowall
Previous Mork's Baby Blues
Next Mork vs. Mindy

Dr. Morkenstein is a Mork & Mindy episode from season 2.


Working as a security guard in a science museum, Mork befriends a robot named Chuck. Mork Programs Chuck with conscious thought, unfortunately he also develops emotions.

Mork's Report to OrsonEdit

A rather somber report this episode different from his usual antics. Mork reports that he created a robot and gave it life and personality, but he is also saddened by the loss of his robot friend. Mork experiences for the first time the emotions of grief and loss. He signs off "nanu-nanu" straight-faced and does not bow to Orson unlike other times.


  • The robot is Robby, who was featured in Lost In Space and various other films.
  • Behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage (including some of Robin Williams' improvisations that never would've made it into the show) is included in the documentary The Adventures of Garry Marshall.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to Dr. Frankenstein.
  • While talking to Orson, Mork says, "I played The Wizard of Oz. I gave the Tin Man a heart."
  • This was aired out of sequence. Jim Staahl receives an opening credit, but his character isn't introduced until the next episode.

Cast & CrewEdit

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