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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Living
Spouse(s) Ambrosia
Portrayed by Robert Donner

Exidor is an eccentric -- and probably mentally ill -- man who regards himself as a prophet. He is often seen wearing a flowing white robe with a blue sash. He was the leader of a cult called "The Friends of Venus," of which he was the only (visible) member. Later, when the Venusians abandon him, he begins to worship O.J. Simpson. Exidor later discovers reincarnation and voodoo.

Exidor appears to be something of a squatter as on at least two separate occasions he turns up in homes not his own: once at a very nice apartment with his imaginary girlfriend and her sister, and again when he 'vacations' in Mindy's family home as he apparently believes there is a beach in the closet. His most frequent line is "MORK! Is that you?" followed by him greeting Mork and introducing his "comrades," all of whom are nonexistent. He also believes that Mork and Mindy are "insane" when he tells them to meet his friends.'

When Mork falls into an alternate Wonderland universe, Exidor is Exidon, the mad King of the Glums, who's outlawed humor.


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