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Mork and Mindy Gotta Run 3-D
Mork & Mindy in 3-D
"Mork & Mindy" episode
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Network: ABC-TV
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Original airdate May 20, 1982
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The Mork Report
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Gotta Run Part 3 is the 3-D finale episode of Mork and Mindy from the fourth and final season.


After Kalnik has bombed their apartment, leaving them on the run, Mork and Mindy decide that their only chance to escape him is to go public about Mork's origins. They and son Mearth are interviewed by a television personality named Tom. Afterward, there's a mob scene at their hotel and Mork escapes to the demolished apartment where Mindy finds him. So does Kalnik. In desperation, Mork clicks the heels of his magic shoes to escape with Mindy to Rome, but the shoes have been damaged and Mork and Mindy wind up with prehistoric tribesmen in an Okus cave.


  • This was the show's final episode, ending with a cliffhanger to be resolved the next season. ABC decided to cancel the show and opted to air The Mork Report as the finale episode instead.
  • In an attempt to boost lagging ratings, the prehistoric sequence was shot in 3-D,[1] but because ABC had already washed their hands of the show, it was only broadcast in 2-D.
  • According to writer Brian Levant, the plan for season 5 was that Mork and Mindy would be traveling through time trying to escape Kalnick, hobnobbing with various historical figures along the way.[2] Allegedly, some publicity stills of the couple were shot with actors dressed as Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln.[2]


Mindy: I am freezing! Oh, I wanna go home. To our family and a warm bed.
Mork: Yeah, and plumbing.
Mindy: Oh, and clean clothes.
Mork: Frank Gifford.
Mindy: What? We're freezing to death and you miss Frank Gifford?
Mork: Well, don't you?


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