Jim Staahl is a writer and actor who portrayed Mindy's cousin, Nelson Flavor, in addition to writing the episode I Heard it Through the Morkvine.


Jim Staahl began his professional career as a resident member of Chicago's Second City Theater and wrote for SCTV. Staahl performed and wrote for an array of Variety shows starring Steve Allen, Sid Caesar, Martin Mull, Steve Martin, and Marty Short. Jim was also a co-head writer for shows that starred John Candy, Mike Myers, Howie Mandel, Fred Willard and Louie Anderson. Jim was also the star and co-head writer of his own series, Laugh Trax.

Jim Staahl's half hour writing credits include Mork and Mindy, Married People, Lightning Force, The Searcher, Charles In Charge, Young Hercules, Sledge Hammer and Lightning Force. Staahl has also written numerous TV Pilots for NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX. He received two Emmy nominations for writing on Bobby's World, an animated series he co-created with Howie Mandel and co-produced for 8 years. Staahl has written animation series for Disney, Sony Wonder, Warner Brothers, Film Roman, DIC and Dream Works. He also co-wrote multiple episodes for Emmy Award winning Disney series, Teacher's Pet. Feature writing credits include Here Come the Munsters, The Beverly Hillbillies, Under Surveillance, Star Kid II and Blow Hard.

As an actor Jim has numerous network appearances and was a series regular on network series: Mork & Mindy, Goodnight Beantown and Normal Life. Staahl has also appeared in a number of features including Spies Like Us, Max Dugan Returns, and Night Shift. Staahl continues to perform; recent series include King of Queens as well as being a series regular on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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