Laugh-In was a brief revival of the 1960's sketch-comedy show as a series of specials. Among the ensemble players was a stand-up comic named Robin Williams, who primarily appeared in skits playing a Southern bumpkin with a cowboy hat. Williams is seen several times donning rainbow suspenders, a personal trademark of the time that he lent to his Mork character. The show is also notable for the introduction of Robin Williams to Cindy Williams, star of Laverne & Shirley which, like Mork & Mindy, was a spin-off of Happy Days.

The final episode was broadcast a few weeks after My Favorite Orkan, and ABC casting agents had to negotiate to get him out of his contract with George Schlatter in order for him to star on Mork & Mindy.[1]

once Mork and Mindy became a monster hit, NBC reran the specials as a series in 1979, heavily touting Williams as the star.



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