Life... and Stuff was an American situation comedy starring Rick Reynolds, Pam Dawber and Andrea Martin, which was canceled by CBS after three of the six episodes produced had aired. To date, this remains Dawber's final role on a weekly TV series.


Rick Boswell (Rick Reynolds) is a middle-aged advertising executive struggling through life - and through his longtime marriage to Ronnie (Pam Dawber), who's often exasperated with his behavior, which is sometimes more childish than that of their sons, Shawn and Jerry. And even more childish is Rick's man-child brother Andy (David Bowe), who resides in a trailer parked in the couple's driveway.

Christine (Andrea Martin) is Ronnie's abrasive best friend. At work, Rick shares a friendship with his boss Bernie (Fred Applegate), and the snarky Jordan (Anita Barone) is their coworker. Finding life dreary, Rick often devolves into film-like daydreams about how life is and should be.

The tone of the show is darker than average sitcom fare of the era, with Rick and Ronnie regularly fighting and many bleak musings about life.

About the ShowEdit

The show was based on the autobiographical routine of stand-up comedian Rick Reynolds,[1] who viewed the world from the perspective "that most people are unhappy."[2]

Pam Dawber was finding this to be true in her life as a result of the work. At that point, she had devoted most of her time to raising her sons while still doing an occasional TV movie, but she found the grind of performing on a weekly TV show put a strain on her marriage with actor Mark Harmon, so she was relieved when the show was canceled.[3]

For Reynolds, it was an entirely different matter, as he'd hoped to break into the big-time in television. "If this is canceled, and my whole career has worked toward this point.. of course, I'll be devastated," he quipped.[4]


# Title Plot Air Date
1 The First One Rick and Ronnie's dwindling sex life is further complicated when Rick flirts with another woman at a fund-raiser. June 6, 1997
2 Life... and Fisticuffs At a children's birthday party, Rick punches his son's best friend's father (Christopher Rich). June 13, 1997
3 Life... and Therapy Rick and Ronnie visit a therapist (Martin Mull), who urges them to work on communication and intimacy without resorting to sex. June 20, 1997
4 Life... and Matchmaking Rick sets up his boss, Bernie, with Ronnie's best friend, Christine. Unaired
5 Life... and the Spirit of Sunday Ronnie and Rick intend to spend a few hours away from their sons but things don't go according to plan. Unaired
6 Unknown Synopsis unavailable. Unaired



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