Limited Engagement
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Episode # 4.1
Aired Oct 8 1981
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Limited Engagement is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season 4.


Mork finally proposes to Mindy, but Mindy rejects him at first. He tries different ways to make her say yes but to no avail. He plans on leaving her since he knows she won't marry him. Eventually Mindy proposes to Mork in order to keep him.

Mork makes his report to Orson, who is none too happy that he and Mindy are going to get married. Mork defies Orson and threatens to abdicate his post for the woman he loves.

Orson signs out and leaves Mork in limbo. The episode ends with Mork, in defiance, not leaving limbo until he is allowed to marry Mindy.



  • Exidor: I may not be the handsomest man, or the brightest, or the wealthiest man in the world, but I've got his phone number.
  • Mindy: Sometimes I wish I was the garbage man because when they wake up in the morning, they expect the world to stink.

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