Little Orphan Morkie
Little Orphan Morkie Robin Williams

Episode # 2.22
Aired February 22, 1980
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Little Orphan Morkie is a Mork and Mindy episode from season 2.


When Mork is threatened with deportation, Exidor agrees to adopt him.


  • Child actor Noah Hathaway would go on to star as Atreyu in the classic film [The NeverEnding Story].
  • Character actor Charles Lane (Judge Baker) memorably appeared in a vast array of films and TV shows in the golden era, including "It's a Wonderful Life," "I Love Lucy" and "Petticoat Junction." His then-most-recent major television role was a recurring part on ABC's Soap, portraying the judge presiding over Jessica Tate's murder trial.

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Bruce Kalish & Philip John Taylor
Directed by Howard Storm


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