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"Mork & Mindy" episode
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Network: ABC-TV
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Original airdate January 22, 1981
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Twelve Angry Appliances
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Mindy Gets Her Job' is a Mork and Mindy episode from season 3.


Mindy finagles a job at a TV station. On her first night, a blizzard leaves the newscasters unable to get to the studio, so she has to do the news broadcast alone.


  • Mork tells Stephanie and Lola, "If you're real good, I'll take you to see Popeye again." Robin Williams starred as the title character in Popeye between seasons 2 & 3 of Mork and Mindy and the film had recently been released when this episode aired. Williams went on to reference the movie in several other episodes as well.
  • Mork says that if she lands a job at the TV station, tomorrow Mindy could be "Fred Silverwoman." Fred Silverman was a successful producer and the president of ABC, who saved Happy Days from cancellation and green-lit Laverne & Shirley - though he had taken over as head of NBC just prior to the debut of Mork and Mindy.
  • This marks the introduction of Mr. Sternhagen, portrayed by Foster Brooks, who was renowned for playing a drunk.

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Tom Tenowich & Ed Scharlach
Directed by Howard Storm


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