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Original airdate May 14, 1981
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Reflections and Regrets
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Mindy and Mork is a Mork and Mindy episode from season 3.


Mork & Mindy switch roles for a day.


  • Mindy gives Mork's report to Orson in this episode.
  • Robin Williams lashed out at someone during the table read. Guest star Elinor Donahue went back to her dressing room afterward and was reading the bible when Williams came in on his hands and knees, pretended to be a puppy, rested his head on the sofa and asked, "Are you scared of me?" "No, I'm not scared of you!" she laughed.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • While making salad with the Maid-O-Matic, Mork sings "Sweet Georgia Brown" a reference to The Harlem Globetrotters.
  • Mork says to "Call Madge" when he sees Tom Bicley's hands, a reference to Pamolive ("you're soaking in it.")


  • Exidor: This miracle of modern technology can do everything a maid can do except steal the silverware. And next week, we're putting on an attachment for that.
  • Exidor: You buy this gizmo or you'll never see your wife and kids again!
    Mork: I'm not married.
    Exidor: We have an attachment for that too.
  • Exidor: Mork, you whimpering washrag, pull yourself together! Who wears the pants in this house? You or the tomato?
    [Mork looks down at his nightgown]
    Mork: She does.


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