"Mork's Best Friend"
Season 1, Episode #24
(#24) in series (95 episodes)
1x24 Mork's Best Friend Robert Donner Robin Williams
Exidor, now believing in reincarnation, tells Mork that he believes himself to be Julius Caesar in "Mork's Best Friend", the Season 1 finale episode (ep.#25).
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): George Pentecost
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 125 (1x25)
Writer(s) Simon Munter
Director Howard Storm
Original airdate May 10, 1979
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"Mork in Wonderland, Part 1"
(Season 2 premiere)
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'Mork's Best Friend wss the 25th and final episode from Season 1 of Mork & Mindy, as well as the 25th overall series episode. Written by Simon Munter, the episode, directed by Howard Storm, first aired on ABC-TV on May 10, 1979.


Mork gets a pet caterpillar.

Plot summaryEdit

"Mork's Best Friend" features the return of Robert Donner as Exidor, now involved in reincarnation ("I'm a spirit migration engineer!"), believing himself to be Julius Caesar, and lovely Mindy is Cleopatra! Mork's best friend is a female caterpillar he names Bob, offering so much love and care for a bug that Bickley sticks up for his 'stupid dog!' When Bob dies Exidor drops by for a sympathy visit with the magic incantation: "owa-tajer-kiam!" (Mork: "swiss cheese for brains!").

Bickley agrees to attend a service for Bob conducted by 'toastmaster' Mork: "don't ask me to view the body!" Mindy acknowledges that she's never gotten to know a caterpillar better than Bob, while Bickley breaks down in typical fashion with his salute: "with heavy heart and mournful eyes and tears that softly flow, we say our final sad goodbyes to a fuzzy escargot!" What no one realizes is that Bob wasn't dead, only moulting into a beautiful butterfly, reincarnated as Exidor might have appreciated: "maybe when you die, something beautiful happens."


=Main/Recurring castEdit

Guest starringEdit


Hizzoner Mork and Mindy Ad
  • The same night that ABC originally aired this season finale, NBC broadcast the pilot of Hizzonner opposite it. The show starred David Huddleston as a small-town mayor and costarred Gina Hecht as a secretary in city hall. Hizzonner lasted 7 weeks; Hecht joined the cast of Mork & Mindy the following season.

Quotes/Scene excerptsEdit

  • Mork: Mindy, guess what followed me home?
  • Mindy: What followed you home?
  • Mork: Can I keep it, huh?
  • Mindy: This is one of those questions I always dread. Alright, what is it?*Mork: It's real cute.
  • Mindy: Mmm-hmm.
  • Mork: It's fuzzy.
  • Mindy: Mmm-hmm.
  • Mork: It's about this tall.
  • [Mork clamps his fingers down to an inch]
  • Mindy: A dog that's been run over by a truck?
  • Mork: Oh Mindy, that's so sick! Squashed dogs can't follow you home!

  • Mork: Look! It's a kittypillar!
  • Mindy: Oh, that's a caterpillar!
  • Mork: Not for a few more weeks yet, it hasn't got hair on its chest.

  • Mork: I like to call her Bob. See! She looked up when I said her name! *Mindy: Oh, that end isn't her head.
  • Mork: Really? I thought she was smiling at me.

  • Exidor: Mork!
  • Mork: Exidor!
  • Exidor: In this life, yes!

  • Exidor: Mork, I have come here to preach the only true religion!
  • Mork: What's the only true religion this time?
  • Exidor: Reincarnation! We have all lived before and we shall all be born again!
  • Mork: Wow, the ultimate deja vu!

  • Mork: You'll enjoy meeting my new friend, Bob.
    [Mork shows Exidor his caterpillar]
    Exidor: You made friends with a fuzzy Tootsie Roll?

  • Exidor: Why, this is no ordinary caterpillar, Mork. This is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln!
  • Mork: No!
  • Exidor: Yes!
  • Mork:How can you tell?
  • Exidor: Is that the face of someone who would tolerate slavery?
  • Mork: That's not her face.
  • Exidor: Really? I thought she was smiling at me!

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