Mork's Mixed Emotions
1x19 Mork's Mixed Emotions Bill Kirchenbauer Robin Williams

Episode # 1.20
Aired February 22, 1979
Previous Yes Sir, That's my Baby
Next Mork's Night Out

Mork's Mixed emotions is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season 1.


When Mindy kisses Mork, it releases his emotions creating a number of unfortunate results. Mork finally gains control of his emotions and finally tells Mindy how he truly feels about her.


  • This is the first episode featuring Bill Kirchenbauer as a customer who was essentially "TNT" (Todd Norman Taylor), a recurring character in seasons 2 and 3.
  • A clip from this show was included in the best-of episode The Way Mork Were.
  • The "Reserved" sign in the Maitre D's hand moves from one shot to the next as he holds out his other hand for a tip.
  • This was one of the episodes featured in Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Mork & Mindy.


  • Orson: You opened the door to your emotions, didn't you?
    Mork: Yes, Sir.
    Orson: You realize you've broken the highest Orkan law. It is my duty to report you to the Council.
    Mork: I understand. But I don't regret what I've done, sir. You see, for the first time in my life, I feel really alive, I feel fantastic! Oh, I wish you could try it! I wish you could feel some of the things I've been feeling!
    Orson: Impossible. I could never do that. They'd throw me in prison.
    Mork: Oh, I don't mean to be disrespectful, your immenseness, but until you can marvel at a rainbow after a storm or rejoice at seeing a baby walk for the first time, or hold someone and have them feel the same warmth inside as you feel close to them outside - until you can do these things, aren't you already in prison?

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Tom Tenowich & Ed Scharlach
Directed by Jeff Chambers


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