Mork & Mindy: A Video Novel is a comic-book like photo-adaptation of The Mork & Mindy Special, the first official episode of the series. Richard Anobile adapted it straight from the episode, which was penned by Dale MCraven. Photonovels became popular in the now-primitive era right before the rise of the VCR.

The stills and conversation-bubbles follow the premiere practically verbatim, but little bits of dialogue are missing, Mindy's grandmother is omitted along with the sequence featuring Fonzie and Laverne in their dream-sequence crossover from Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley (bypassing the cost of additional character licensing).

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60,000,000,000 light years is a long way to go to wind up in a loony bin!

Ever since that space-happy wanderer Mork from Ork fell to Earth, life has taken some zany turns for Mindy McConnell and her family - not to mention the rest of Boulder, Colorado.
The effects of his other-worldly antics have run the gamut from indigestion to jailbreak.
Now, earth-bound folks have a simple rule of thumb: If we can't make sense out of somebody, he must be crazy! So Mork suddenly finds himself in court - surrounded by a bunch of nimnuls - trying to prove that what seems zazbat on Earth is okey-dokey on Ork!

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