Mork & Mindy is a novelization of the TV show by Ralph Church. It was adapted from the episodes The Mork & Mindy Special, Mork Moves In and Mork Runs Away. The book includes a 16-page spread featuring 22 black-and-white promotional stills.

The book follows the scripts of the episodes fairly closely, weaving together the events of the three shows. There are many deviations to the dialogue, some of which were replaced in the show with various Robin Williams-isms, and some which may have been cut for time. Unlike the "video novel," the flashback scene with Fonzie and Laverne is intact. Amongst the additional dialogue is information about Ork, its language and customs.

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Shazbot! There's an alien in the attic!

It didn't take long for Mork from Ork to convince Mindy McConnell that he was not of this earth -- and only a little while longer to become her permanent houseguest. But when Mindy's dad caught wind of his daughter's new housekeeping arrangement, he suspected a close encounter of the worst kind. It took a super-human effort on Mork's part to win over Mindy's parental unit. Now both McConnells have a problem: how to keep a noisy rubber-faced refugee from outer space a secret -- when everything he does is outrageous, insane or absolutely impossible!

Mork & Mindy. She's got the biggest heart in the solar system... He's got the biggest mouth in the universe... Together they're the biggest hit of the season!

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