Mork & Mindy: annual 1980 is a hardcover book from the makers of Look-In, a weekly British television publication aimed at children. This is the first of two books which featured original stories, comics, games information about the cast. The authors and illustrators are uncredited.


  • Trick or Treat - Mork falls in league with a pair of rubber-masked burglars whom he initially mistook for trick-or-treaters.
    Short story, 8 pages, 12 illustrations.
  • Meet Mork - A short biography of Robin Williams.
    2 pages, 3 color photos.
  • Mork Joins the Club - After a driving lesson gone awry, Mork finds himself at odds with a gang of bikers.
    Comic strip, 6 pages, 35 panels.
  • Meet Mindy - A short biography of Pam Dawber.
    2 pages, 3 color photos.
  • Mork's Spaceword - A crossword puzzle.
    2 pages, 1 color photo.
  • Farmyard Frolics - Mork and Mindy head to the country to visit her Aunt Sara.
    Short story, 6 pages, 8 illustrations.
  • Peacemaker! - A 2-player Orkan board game.
    2 pages.
  • Meet Frederick - A short biography of Conrad Janis.
    2 pages, 3 color photos.
  • Meet Cora - A short biography of Elizabeth Kerr.
    2 pages, 2 color photos.
  • Cliff Hanger - After rescuing a hang-glider, Mork creates a flying suit.
    Comic strip, 6 pages, 34 panels.
  • Pin Ups - Two photos Mork and Mindy which are split across two pages. In one they're sitting on the couch, in the other they're standing beside it.
    4 pages, 2 color photos.
  • It's in the Stars! - An astronomy quiz.
    2 pages, 1 illustration.
  • Mork Makes a Record - Mork tries to break into the music industry recording a song written by Mr. Bickley (who's depicted with a mustache).
    Short story, 6 pages, 8 illustrations.
  • Special Space Ships - A whimsical look at 3 ships owned by alien races.
    2 pages, 3 illustrations, 1 color photo.
  • When Mork Said to Mindy... - A word puzzle featuring scrambled expressions.
    2 pages, 9 illustrations.
  • Grub Up - A look at nutrition for three different alien races.
    1 page, 3 illustrations.
  • Answers - An answer key for When Mork Said to Mindy..., Mork's Spaceword, and It's in the Stars.
    1 page, 1 color photo.

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