Mork & Mindy: annual 1981 is a hardcover book from the makers of Look-In, a weekly British television publication aimed at children. This is the second and final book featuring original stories, comics, games information about the cast.

Written by Chas Pemberton with illustrations by Edgar Hodges. Hodges' illustrations are arguably the best out of all of the tie-in books, with character designs that very closely resemble each of the actors. And unlike many of the tie-ins, Fred, Cora and Mr. Bickley are each featured.


  • The Wrong End of the Stick - Fred becomes exasperated by Mork's child-like behavior.
    Short story, 6 pages, 7 illustrations.
  • Spaced-Out Superstar - An in-depth biography on Robin Williams.
    4 pages, 8 color photos, 1 illustration.
  • Frederick's Folly - Mork learns about housework.
    Comic strip, 6 pages, 36 panels.
  • Mindy's Merry Makers - A collection of jokes.
    2 pages, 1 illustration, 1 photo.
  • Inside the Egg - A 3-part game involving Mork's egg-ship.
    2 pages, 4 illustrations.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Mork - When Mork makes Treacle Pudding, one of the ingredients causes him to shrink. This is an original story which has the same premise as Mork in Wonderland, the novelization of that episode, and an episode of the animated series with the same title.
    6 pages, 9 illustrations.
  • The A-Z Earthlings - An alphabetical listing of various Mork-isms.
    4 pages, 4 color photos.
  • Mindy's Muddled Memory - A picture puzzle.
    2 pages, 1 coloring-page illustration and 1 illustration of Pam Dawber.
  • High Flying Saucers - Mork visits Professor Hubble, who's searching for proof of alien life.
    Comic strip, 6 pages, 37 panels.
  • True or False? - Quizes about Robin Williams & Pam Dawber.
    4 pages, 4 color photos.
  • Mr. Bickley's Brainstorm - Mork causes grief for Mr. Bickley when he brings home a stray dog.
    Short story, 7 pages, 8 illustrations.
  • Daffy Definitions - More Mork-isms, with his definitions to English words.
    2 pages, 1 color photo.
  • Lost in the Maze of Mirrors - A 2-player board game.
    2 pages.
  • Make Your Mork - Instructions for how to make a paper Mork with a tongue that sticks out.
    1 page, 1 photo, 3 illustrations.
  • Answers - An answer key for Inside the Egg and the True or False? quizes.
    1 page, 1 photo.