Mork Gets Mindy-itis
Mork Gets Mindy-Itis Jim Staahl Robin Williams

Episode # 2.7
Aired October 21, 1979
Previous Mork vs. Mindy
Next A Morkville Horror

Mork Gets Mindy-itis is a Mork and Mindy episode from season 2.


Mork discovers he is allergic to Mindy when he gets uncontrollable fits of laughter (the Orkan equivalent to sneezing) whenever he's around her. Complications ensue when Mork gets an injection of her DNA in an attempt to overcome his allergy.


  • Nelson's political slogan is "I'll do it your way," which is a take-off of a famous Burger King ad campaign.
  • Mork says, "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night," which is a famous Bette Davis quote from All About Eve.

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Tom Tenowich
Directed by Howard Storm

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