Mork in Love
Mork & Mindy - Mork in Love - Robin Williams

Episode # 1.5
Aired October 5, 1978
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Mork in Love is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season 1.


Mork falls in love with Dolly, a mannequin from the music store. Meanwhile, Fred plans on buying a luxury car to take to his class reunion.


  • Mork greets Mindy by saying, "Babalú," a word popularized by Desi Arnaz on "I Love Lucy."
  • Mork reveals that his spacesuit is a living organism. The writers seem to have forgotten this in later episodes.
  • Mork says he saw the movie "Here Comes the Fleet." From the title and description, he seems to be referring to the 1934 James Cagney film Here Comes the Navy.
  • Mindy's mother's name is revealed to be Elizabeth... by Cora, who's portrayed by Elizabeth Kerr.
  • When Mork breaks into a cheerleading routine, he says "F" followed by "U." This was one of their ways of sneaking risqué material past the network censors.[1]
  • Mork dances with Dolly to the famous tango "La cumparsita." He and Captain Nirvana would later dance to the same song in Mork vs. The Necrotons.


  • Mindy: Mork, you talk to your spacesuit?
    Mork: Of course. It spoke first, I'd be rude not to reply.
  • Mindy: How'd your observation of traffic go today?
    Mork: Oh, not very well. Why do they call it "rush hour" when nothing moves?
  • Mindy: Well Mork, if you wanna be an earthling, you're just gonna have to experience love.
    Mork: Oh. Ah! Does this love lead to mating?
    Mindy: Yes.
    Mork: Oh good, because I've been wanting to try that. When can we start?
  • Cora: Now, why do you need a car three blocks long when you only live a block-and-a-half away?
  • Mork: What seems to be the matter?
    Mindy: Oh, I'm just disappointed in the mail.
    Mork: Ah, then let me teach you something. You see, it's common throughout the universe for the female of the species to be disappointed in the male. The nimnul factor's omnipresent, and they can be such beasts sometimes.
  • Mindy: Mork, you can't love an inanimate object.
    Mork: Why not? You say you love your book.
    Mindy: That's different.
    Mork: And you said you loved Here Comes the Fleet.
    Mindy: That's different too!
    Mork: Isn't my love for Dolly different?
    Mindy: That's too different!

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Lloyd Turner & Gordon Mitchell
Directed by Harvey Medlinsky




  1. Pioneers of Television: Remembering Robin Williams

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