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Season one of Mork and Mindy began airing on September 14, 1978 on ABC. The first season concluded after 25 episodes on May 10, 1979.

Main charactersEdit

Guest StarsEdit

  • Richard Donner as Exidor (Various episodes)
  • Henry Winkler as Arthur "Fonzie" Fonzarelli (Pilot Episode)
  • Penny Marshall as Laverne De Fazio (Pilot episode)
  • Jeff Altman as Clint Mullet
  • David Letterman
  • Tom Poston as Mr. Bickley (various episodes)


101: The Mork & Mindy Special, Part 1
102: The Mork & Mindy Special, Part 2
103: Mork Moves In
104: Mork Runs Away
105: Mork In Love
106: Mork's Seduction
107: Mork Goes Public
108: To Tell the Truth
109: Mork the Gullible
110: A Mommy for Morky
111: Mork's Greatest Hits
112: Old Fears
113: Mork's First Christmas
114: Mork and the Immigrant
115: Mork the Tolerant
116: Young Love
117: Snowflakes Keep Dancing on my Head
118: Mork Goes Erk
119: Yes Sir, That's my Baby
120: Mork's Mixed Emotions
121: Mork's Night Out
122: In Mork We Trust
123: Mork Runs Down
124: It's a Wonderful Mork
125: Mork's Best Friend

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Other seasonsEdit

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