If you see an article that is, in your opinion, very good, then here is the place to nominate it to be featured article shown on the Main Page.

At this point, the nomination system is deliberately kept simple. The article with the most votes (ideally at least 3) is removed from this pool and placed on the main page, and remains there until the next article is featured. There is no queue involved. If a nominee remains in the pool for more than 4 months with an insufficient number of votes, the nominee will be removed. It may, however, be nominated again.


Please add new nominations at the bottom of the page.

When voting, you can vote For or Against (please provide a reason if voting against, and preferably if voting for as well). Or you can add a Comment without actually voting. You can vote for any number of entries at once, but only with one vote per entry.

You must be a registered user to vote. If you are an anonymous user, register now - it's fast and easy.


Past featured articlesEdit

This is an archive of featured article nominations. Do not edit the sections below.

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