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Original airdate December 4, 1980
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Mork, the Monkey's Uncle
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Mork the Prankster is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season 3.


After Mindy tries to razz Mork with a spring-loaded snake, he to attempts to grasp the concept of practical jokes but takes things one step too far when he puts Mindy's jeep inside their second-floor apartment. Meanwhile, Glenda Faye has become unhappy and is filling her time by hanging out with the pretentious singles who live in her building.


  • During his opening scene, Mork does a comical impersonation of Julia Child, a popular television chef who was frequently the butt of jokes regarding her heavily-rumored alcoholism.
  • Mork tells Stephanie, "There's free food down at Jack in the Box if you stand next to the clown." The Jack in the Box Restaurant's drive-through speaker used to be hidden inside of a clown head, but these speakers were discontinued the same year this episode was made, in an infamous commercial in which they blew up the clown.
  • When Mork gets an idea, he references The Wizard of Oz again by exclaiming, "A tornado in the windmills of my mind. Hang on, Toto, hang on!"
  • Mr. Bickley narrowly escaped death because he went to get a cup of coffee, so he exclaims, "I owe my life to Joe DiMaggio!" DiMaggio was a former professional baseball player, the one-time husband of Marilyn Monroe, and was then known as the spokesman for the Mr. Coffee kitchen appliance.
  • There's never another mention of this episode's events and Mindy's jeep is undamaged in later shows.
  • Referring to Mork's shenanigans, Mindy asks Glenda Faye, "How many years can a normal person put up with that kinda stuff?" Glenda Faye replies, "Four?" This is an inside-joke. The show was sagging in the ratings and the crew was hoping for at least four seasons, which is how many it took for a series to become eligible for syndicated reruns at that time.
  • This episode marks the return of Bill Kirchenbauer as "TNT" (Todd Norman Taylor), a disco-loving, womanizing sleazeball who first appeared as a patron in the record store in season 1.
  • Mork's astrological sign is revealed to be Libra.

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Wendy Kout & George Zateslo
Directed by Jeff Chambers


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