Mork the Tolerant
Episode # 1.15
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Mork the Tolerant is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season 1.


Mr. Bickley moves in downstairs and begins causing headaches for Mork & Mindy, claiming that they're the problem.


  • The first appearance of Mr. Bickley.
  • Mork reads a Superman comic book and criticizes the superhero. Presumably this was Robin Williams' playful jab at best friend Christopher Reeve, who had recently skyrocketed to stardom in the 1978 film.


  • [Mork reads a Superman comic book]
    Mork: Able to leap over tall buildings? Ha! Anybody can do that in zero gravity. What's the big deal about that?... They call him Superman for that?!
  • Mork: Dear Superman, I am writing you this letter because I'm really perturbed. How can you call yourself a Man of Steel if you wear blue tights with the underwear on the outside? Everyone knows that Krypton is the Miami Beach of the Universe. You're a jive-turkey in red booties! Love, your friend, Mork from Ork. P.S. Don't you sweat a lot, wearing two suits?
  • Mindy: Morning!
    Mork: Ah! God bless you!
  • Mork: Do you know where I could get a stamp?
    Mindy: Oh sure, I think there are some over there in the drawer. Where are you sending a letter?
    Mork: Metropolis!
  • [Someone bangs from below the floor]
    Mork: Whoa, the mice must be taking steroids!
  • Mork: Mindy, you Earthlings must learn some more virtues, like being more tolerant. We have a saying on Ork: Tolerance is next to cowardice.
  • Mindy: Don't Orkans ever have any problems with unreasonable neighbors?
    Mork: Well, one time the planet next to us blew up. We all complained about it and they never did it again.
  • Mork: I'm Mork from upstairs.
    Mr. Bickley: Oh, you! I've been wanting to talk to you, Bigfoot.

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