Orkan Dictionary
The Orkan Dictionary is a list of words and their meanings from the science-fiction comedy series Mork & Mindy.

Common WordsEdit

  • Bleam (also spelled bleem) - Distance of a billion light years or 2000 earth years on the planet Ork. This word is used frequently in a variety of situations, making a precise definition impossible.
  • Kayo - Okay. Possibly not an Orkan word but a Mork-ism.
  • Na-nu, Na-nu - Like "aloha," this is a dual-meaning formal greeting when Orkans say "Hello" or "Goodbye." Upon introduction, it's combined with an Orkan handshake, when greeting Orson, Mork twists his interchangeable screw-on ears.
    There are numerous variations in spelling throughout the Mork & Mindy franchise, in part because Robin Williams deviated from the script, which denoted "na-no, na-no."
  • Shazbot! - Shit! or Damn!, a swear word.

Other WordsEdit

Culled from various sources including tie-in merchandise and novelizations, here is a list of Orkan words and their basic translations. Many words have similar meanings.

  • Amrak - A noise an Orkan makes after kissing an earthling.
  • Aragato - Thank you.
  • Bezurb - Drunk.
  • Bin, Bin - An informal "no."
  • Bloink - An Orkan's right index finger, which contains magical powers.
  • Bosch - One of the lowest forms of life.
  • Brandels or Grebbels - Orkan money
  • Cholly-Cho-Cho - Chinny-chin-chin.
  • Crathanz - Deranged, insane or crazy.
  • Crilmuck - Jerk, nerd, noid, spaz.
  • Crimlock - Fool.
  • Durkiss - A lively time, packed with all grabbable gusto in sight.
  • Engh-engh - Woe, bad things or a curse.
  • Farging - A forbidden move practiced by unscrupulous participants in a holitacker.
  • Fax - A green mosquito-like creature.
  • Fif - A lubricant.
  • Flukie - Amusing puppet or doll used by an Orkan photographer, meant to induce proper eye focus and smiles in posing subjects.
  • Frazh - A large animal.
  • Frenkle - An Orkan life form distinguished by an unusually large tail.
  • Fribble - To scramble or confuse.
  • Frizbat - Capital of Planet Ork
  • Gang Neb - An Orkan sexual act, performed by a woman. The woman touches a man's wrist, occasioning him to say, "Zylabswitch, zeep, seep!"
  • Gasz - One of the lowest forms of life.
  • Gazooba - A crawling, hairless form of animal life considered more advanced than humans.
  • Geezba!- A swear word
  • Gerblink - Orkan way of breathing
  • Gleek - A biological recharging device. Shaped like a small egg used by Mork to recharge his life force every 2000 years.
  • Glets - Orkan nonsense word.
  • Gorgles - A state immediately preceding death.
  • Grembo Pasati - A sporty Orkan automobile.
  • Harf - Hair
  • Hibengie - One of the lowest forms of life.
  • Hooey-Goo - Thank you.
  • Klangst - Thank you.
  • Krell  - a period of time-5000 Earth years
  • Limakook - A lubricant.
  • Miltz - Silly
  • Naugachomp - A small Orkan pet which resembles a mound of fur.
  • Nimnul - Dummy or Idiot
  • Nin-Nin - A formal "no."
  • Ooraxnaz - A cross between a cyclops and a bull.
  • Pah-Poo - Thank you.
  • Ribbit - Grasp.
  • Scrim, Scrim - Scram! Take a hike!
  • Seve - A lubricant.
  • Splinking - Lying
  • Thribits - A form of Orkan currency.
  • Tribilled - Erased one's memory
  • Tuppy - Thank you.
  • Yek - "Yes."
  • Zazbat - Crazy

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