Out of the Blue is a 1979 sitcom, often mistakenly referred to as a spin-off of Mork and Mindy and Happy Days, which centered on an angel named Random (Jimmy Brogan). Mork appeared in the premiere episode, Random's Arrival, and Random appeared on the Happy Days episode Chachi Sells His Soul.


Random (Jimmy Brogan) is an inept angel sent to Chicago to help Marion (Dixie Carter) deal with the gaggle of nieces and nephews she took custody of when their parents died in a plane crash. The Boss Angel (Eileen Heckart) showed up regularly to check up on Random; Gladys was the black housekeeper.


  • Jimmy Brogan as Random
  • Dixie Carter as Aunt Marion
  • Clark Brandon as Chris Richards
  • Olivia Barash as Laura Richards
  • Tammy Lauren as Stacey Richards
  • Jason Keller as Jason Richards
  • Shane Keller as Shane Richards
  • Hannah Dean as Gladys
  • Eileen Heckart as The Boss Angel
  • Rad Daly as Chris Richards (??)


At some point, the show was retooled,[1] but it's unclear whether or not the episodes were broadcast. Dixie Carter and Olivia Barash were let go, and Clark Brandon was replaced by the younger Rad Daly.[2] A laugh track had been employed in earlier episodes, but they ultimately began taping in front of a studio audience.[3]


# Title Aired Plot
1/2 Random's Arrival September 9, 1979 A not-so-perfect angel named Random must prove his heavenly powers to a brood of newly orphaned children by conjuring up a visit from the unpredictable Mork from Ork.
3 The Random Bust September 16, 1979 Random takes the rap but keeps everyone off balance by popping in and out of jail as he tries to help Chris, the real culprit, decide whether to confess to being an accessory in a school burglary.
4 The Hustle September 23, 1979 The kids lose the money for Aunt Marion's birthday present to a sneaky pool hustler.
5 Laura, the Runaway September 30, 1979 Random tries to convince runaway Laura to give up her job as a truck-stop waitress and come home.
6 Out for the Season October 7, 1979 When Chris injures his knee and can't play football, the kids turn to Random for a miraculous healing.
7 Stacey's Nightmare October 14, 1979 Random uses some heavenly magic to cure Stacey's recurring nightmare by arranging for her to meet "the monster of her dreams."
8 The Coin of Truth October 21, 1979 When Random's magic coin falls into the wrong hands, it makes for volatile comedy as everyone in the family starts revealing exactly how they feel about each other.
9 Double Jeopardy December 16, 1979 Random's heavenly diplomacy is put to a test when he attempts to show the merits of being twins to Jason and Shane, who have tired of being carbon copies of each other.
10 Random, Who? Unaired Unavailable.
11 The Reluctant Angel Unaired. Unavailable.
12 Keeping the Housekeeper Unaired Unavailable.
13 The Thanksgiving Story Unaired Unavailable.


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