Random's Arrival
Out of the Blue Jimmy Brogan Robin Williams

Aired September 9, 1979
Guest starring Robin Williams
Previous Mork's Best Friend
Next Mork in Wonderland, Part 1

Random's Arrival is the double-length premiere episode of Out of the Blue, which guest-stars Robin Williams as Mork.


A not-so-perfect angel named Random must prove his heavenly powers to a brood of newly orphaned children by conjuring up a visit from the unpredictable Mork from Ork.


  • Robin Williams shot his episodes on a Saturday, so as not to conflict with his shooting schedule on Mork and Mindy.[1]
  • Out of the Blue had a one-time airing on Saturday morning, September 15, 1979.[2] Star Eileen Heckart was furious, shouting, "I did NOT sign on to do a goddamn kiddie show!"[3] Since this is the only episode that had aired at that point, presumably it was a rerun to boost awareness.



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