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Original airdate Summer 1981
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"Reflections and Regrets"
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"Limited Engagement"
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Season 4 Promos were created to promote the events in the Mork and Mindy episodes Limited Engagement (Part 1), The Wedding (Part 2) The Honeymoon (Part 3), and Three the Hard Way from season 4.


Robin Williams shot a series of comical promos announcing Mork's marriage, honeymoon and pregnancy. These were either shot during the making of Three the Hard Way (the first episode of the season in which Mork wears this outfit) or Mama Mork, Papa Mindy, though the introduction of Jonathan Winters was kept a secret. There are several references to the then-recent marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, which was an international spectacle.


Robin Williams Inside the ABC Promo Machine 198102:25

Robin Williams Inside the ABC Promo Machine 1981


  • Chorus sings "Thursday's the night! ABC is the place!" between quotes.
  • Mork:Your Morkness here. You know, this fall, I'm getting married, gonna honeymoon on Ork, and I'm gonna have a baby! Piece of cake.
    [Mork faints]
  • Mork: Mister, come here. Guess who's gonna be the first man in the universe to have a baby?
    Audience: Mork!
    Mork: Okay, I don't have to tell you.
  • Mork: This fall, Mindy and I are gonna get married and we're gonna honeymoon on Ork. You know, Niagara Falls is all booked.
  • Mork: This fall, Mindy and I are gonna get married and you're all invited to the wedding! Even you, Prince Charles and Lady Diana. Whoah, you're a Princess now. God save the Wales!
  • Mork: This fall, I get pregnant and have a baby. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Mindy and I get married first! Yes! Yes, a full ceremony, just like Chaz and Di!
  • Mork: This fall, Mindy and I are gonna have a baby on your TV. So you'd better find another place for those bowling trophies! Arr, arr, arr!
  • Mork: This fall, perky little Mindy and I are gonna get married, honeymoon on Ork, and I get pregnant. Let's see you get all that on cable-TV!
  • Orson:Oh, Mork!
    Mork: Sir, yes!
    Orson: I was looking at this report. It says this fall you're going to marry Mindy.
    Mork: I am?
    Orson: And it says you're gonna honeymoon on Ork.
    Mork: Oh, you're crazy! Get outta here!
    Orson: And you are gonna get pregnant.
    Mork: Pregnant? Me? I mean, why me? I mean, this kinda stuff doesn't happen to Barney Miller!
  • Mork: Hello. This is Mork and I have some very exciting news for you. This fall, Mindy and I are getting married. We're gonna honeymoon on Ork and guess what? I get pregnant and have a baby! Isn't that a switcheroo? Oh, I feel so complete!
    [The camera pulls back to reveal Mork's ironing an enormous piece of cloth]
    Mork: The only thing that scares me is... this is my child's diaper!

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