Stark Raving Mork
Mork and Mindy Stark Raving Mork Pam Dawber Robin Williams

Episode # 2.3
Aired September 23, 1979
Previous Mork in Wonderland, Part 2
Next Mork's Baby Blues

Stark Raving Mork is a Mork & Mindy episode from season 2.

Plot Edit

After learning about 'kissing and making up' from Remo, Mork decides to start an argument with Mindy. Meanwhile, Mr. Bickley takes people to lunch at the new deli so he can stick them with the bill.


  • This is the first episode with Remo and Jeannie. Jeanie's credit begins with her reading a "Gray's Anatomy" book, setting it on the counter and putting the knife to the chicken. The portion with the book was cut in the next episode when Jim Staahl was inserted into the opening credits.
  • The scene with Mork knocking the biscuits out of Mindy's hand was featured in the sequence of Mork in Wonderland, Part 1, but it was cut from this episode to make room for Remo's and Jeanie's credits.
  • The show begins with Mork slicing through the toaster with his finger. This clip was prominently featured in the opening credits sequence.
  • When they argue about sharing property, Mindy threatens to take half of Mork's Billy Barty poster, and Mork replies, "If you just take the top half, I still have a poster." Barty was a famous dwarf.
  • Mork says he can't get his lips through a little lock in the door, but in Putting the Ork Back in Mork, Part 2, Mindy reveals that he once stuck his tongue through the keyhole.
  • Mork & Mindy's fight is featured in the best-of episode The Way Mork Were.


  • When Mork suggests Mindy should get a Mohawk haircut, the shadow of a microphone dips along the wall of the kitchen.
  • There's a zoom in on the window of The New York Delicatessen revealing a bunch of people inside as Remo's voice-over says, "We're closed."


  • Mork: I looked at the figures on divorce, and the odds are against any couple staying together forever.
    Mindy: Yeah, I know, I think that's kind of sad. It prob'ly because when people first get together, they're just crazy about each other, and then as time wears on, the excitement kind of wears off.
    Mork: Well, I'm still crazy about you.
    Mindy: And I'm still crazy about you too.
    Mork: Ah, good, then we have nothing to fear but sanity itself.
    Mindy: You've got nothing to worry about!

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by April Kelly
Directed by Howard Storm


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