The Honeymoon
Mork and Mindy The Honeymoon Pam Dawber Robin Williams

Mork & Mindy en route to Ork.
Episode # 4.3
Aired October 22, 1981
Previous The Wedding (Part 2)
Next Three the Hard Way

The Honeymoon is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season number 4 .


When Mork & Mindy spend their honeymoon on Ork, Mindy feels like an outcast.


This episode ends on a cliffhanger ("To Be Continued") despite the next episode not resolving anything from the previous.

Main CastEdit


  • Ronald Welch as Peevee Clone #1 / Peevee Clone #6
  • Donald Welch as Peevee Clone #2 / Peevee Clone #7
  • Lou Carry as The Clerk
  • Felix Silla as The Orkan Porter

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