The Night They Raided Mindskis
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Aired January 10, 1980

The Night They Raided Mind-ski's is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season 2.


Mindy is targeted by a hate group.

Mork befriends a group called "PURE POWER". He invites them over for coffee and to support Nelson Flavor in politics. During discussion it is revealed that they are a hate group. Mindy, being part Polish, orders them to leave at once. Pure Power later vandalizes their apartment and hangs a dummy in effigy with the sign "Go Home Polack".

Mork settles the score by vandalizing their headquarters. Mindy arrives and tells Mork that violence and revenge are not the answer. The members of PP arrive in their uniforms (with hoods on). They start in on Mork, but he reprograms their genetic makeup and turns them different colors (red, black, blue, Hispanic and Asian). He says it will wear off when "they learn about brotherhood without the hood."

Report To OrsonEdit

Mork delivers his report without the usual jokes about Orson's weight.


Mindy mentions that she (and Nelson) are part Polish. Minsk County is a part of Poland.

Mindy mentions that her grandmother came to America from Warsaw, the Capitol of Poland.

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