"There's a New Mork in Town"
Season 3, Episode #13
(#64) in series (95 episodes)
There's a New Mork in Town Robin Williams Lyle Waggoner
Xerko (special guest star Lyle Waggoner), a famous Orkan whom Mork idolizes, comes down to Earth in order to challenge Mork, and tries to "woo" Mindy from him as well in "There's a New Mork in Town" in Season 3 (ep.#13).
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Lyle Waggoner
Network: ABC-TV
Production code: 313 (3x13)
Writer(s) Jeff Reno & Ron Osborn
Director Howard Storm
Original airdate February 12, 1981
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"Twelve Angry Appliances" "Mork Meets Robin Williams"
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There's a New Mork in Town was the 13th episode from season 3 of Mork and Mindy, also the 64th overall episode in the series. Co-written by Jeff Reno and Ron Osborn, the episode, which was directed by Howard Storm, premiered on ABC-TV on February 12, 1981.


An Orkan comes down to Earth in order to try to "challenge" Mork.

Plot summaryEdit

Mork gets a visit from his Orkan idol, Xerko (Lyle Waggoner in special guest appearance), who announces he plans to takes Mork's job.

Xerko, who's one of Mork's great Orkan idols, whose visit to earth puts Mork in hero worship mode. Only when Xerko shows great interest in replacing Mork so he can make inroads with Mindy does the full implication sink in.

Mindy discusses Mork's lack of resistance with her concerned father, but Fred, conductor with the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, is genuinely impressed with Xerko's knowledge of Stravinsky. Reluctant to engage in a final showdown, Mork dons his red spacesuit against Xerko, who removes his cape and hands it to the onlooking Mindy, while Mork's robe lands over her head!

With Mindy's living room now in a shambles, the "duel" continues with "invisible swords", Xerko confident of victory. What gives Mork the gravitas to win is Mindy's ribbon of victory in her childhood spelling bee, Xerko leaving with one new attribute, humility.


  • Another episode featuring a holitacker.
  • The title is likely a take-off of the popular CBS sitcom "Alice," which featured the theme song "There's a New Girl in Town."
  • Xerko's costume is different from all of the other Orkans featured on the show, in that his triangle is black, rather than silver.

Quotes/Scene exceprtsEdit

  • [As Mr. Bickley bursts in, Mork and Xerko stop their invisible-sword duel] Mr. Bickley: What have you got against love?! Lorraine Sue's heart was beating faster than The Little Drummer Boy's stick, and you have to start playing hide-and-go-kinky! And what's the situation now? Lorraine Sue is thumbing her way back to Phoenix, and I'm left with my motor racing and no place to park! Oh and by the way, don't bother trying to explain this. I'm sure I'll be filled in by the vice-squad later.

  • Mindy: You know, you never told me that Orkan ears unscrew. Gee, I'm afraid to ask what else comes off.
  • Mork: You got me, Mind, I've tried everything.



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