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There's a New Mork in Town Robin Williams Lyle Waggoner
"Mork & Mindy" episode
Guest Star(s): Lyle Wagonner
Network: ABC-TV
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Original airdate February 12, 1981
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Mork Meets Robin Williams
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There's a New Mork in Town is a Mork and Mindy episode from season 3.


Mork gets a visit from his Orkan idol, Xerko, who announces he plans to takes Mork's job.


  • Another episode featuring a holitacker.
  • The title is likely a take-off of the popular CBS sitcom "Alice," which featured the theme song "There's a New Girl in Town."
  • Xerko's costume is different from all of the other Orkans featured on the show, in that his triangle is black, rather than silver.


  • [As Mr. Bickley bursts in, Mork and Xerko stop their invisible-sword duel]
    Mr. Bickley: What have you got against love?! Lorraine Sue's heart was beating faster than The Little Drummer Boy's stick, and you have to start playing hide-and-go-kinky! And what's the situation now? Lorraine Sue is thumbing her way back to Phoenix, and I'm left with my motor racing and no place to park! Oh and by the way, don't bother trying to explain this. I'm sure I'll be filled in by the vice-squad later.
  • Mindy: You know, you never told me that Orkan ears unscrew. Gee, I'm afraid to ask what else comes off.
    Mork: You got me, Mind, I've tried everything.

Cast & CrewEdit

Written by Jeff Reno & Ron Osborn
Directed by Howard Storm.


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