Three the Hard Way
Mork & Mindy Three the Hard Way - Robin Williams

Mork nesting on his egg
Episode # 4
Aired October 29, 1981
Previous The Honeymoon (Part 3)
Next Mama Mork, Papa Mindy

Three The Hard Way is a Mork and Mindy episode from Season number 4 .


Mork is (unknowingly) pregnant and gives birth to Mearth


The Previous Episode "The Honeymoon" ended on a cliffhanger with Mork and Mindy flying home back to Earth after spending some time on Ork. The Episode ended with Mindy nearly hitting an asteroid. When this episode picks up, Mork & Mindy are safe at home and it is the 1 month anniversary of their marriage.


  • Robin Williams first took notice of Jonathan Winters when he heard his stoic father laughing at Winters' comedy routine on television. Williams considered Winters his idol and mentor. Winters had previously appeared as Fred's brother in season 3, but he was brought back to boost ratings and ensure Williams stayed at the top of his game.
  • Mork claimed he never had a belly button, but it was clearly seen in Mork in Wonderland, Part 2.

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