To Ork or Not to Ork
Mork & Mindy The Animated Series 03 To Ork or Not to Ork

Episode # 3
Aired October 2, 1982
Previous The Greatest Shmo on Earth
Next Orkin Without a Cause

To Ork or Not to Ork is a Mork and Mindy episode from The Mork & Mindy/Laverne & Shirley/Fonz Hour.


Orson instructs Mork to learn about love, so he seeks out advice from Eugene. Meanwhile, Hamilton and Mindy are cast as Romeo and Juliet in the Mt. Mount High School production of the Shakespearean tragedy.


  • "To Ork or Not to Ork" is a play on "To be or not to be...," the beginning of a soliloquy from Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • Mork mentions the movie Saturday Night Pneumonia, a reference to Saturday Night Fever.


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